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There is no cost to enroll and participate in Living Well.

Participation is free. Living Well is a research study funded by the National Cancer Institute.

You won't need to travel—you can take part from anywhere in North America.

Anyone who is eligible and lives in the US or Canada can participate. The web-based format was chosen in part to encourage enrollment by women living in rural and remote areas, who often don’t have easy access to on-site support systems.

Living Well is funded by the National Cancer Institute, associated with three University Cancer Centers and was developed by experts in cancer treatment and research.

The Living Well study was designed by behavioral scientists and gynecologic oncologists associated with the Universities of Iowa, Miami and Washington, working with ovarian cancer survivors and advocates. Group meetings will be facilitated either by a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in psycho-oncology or by a facilitator with a background in health education.

We can provide the technology, Internet access and training/support you need to participate.

If participants don’t have a computer or tablet, the University of Iowa can loan them a tablet to use during the study. If there’s no existing Internet access, the tablet can provide a connection too (available in most areas).

All participants will receive a manual with instructions for website use and videoconferencing. In addition, you’ll have a workbook and a chance to practice using the web technology individually with a member of the research team before the official program begins. The first group session will include an introduction and any further information you need. Technical support will be available during each videoconference in case you have difficulties.

The Living Well program lasts approximately 3 months followed by several surveys over the course of the next year.

The videoconference sessions for Living Well span about three months. The research study will continue to follow participants’ progress through assessment surveys for one year.

You can participate in other programs and trials during Living Well.

You may be eligible for Living Well at the same time as another research study or clinical trial, depending on the details. If you’re participating in research or programming that involves exercise, behavioral interventions or counseling related to ovarian cancer (such as Steps Through OC), you may be able to join the Living Well study when the other program is complete. Please let us know your circumstances and we’ll discuss options.

We respect your privacy and protect your confidentiality.

Information exchanged between participants and researchers is strictly confidential. You can choose not to answer any questions you do not wish to answer and participate as much or little as you feel comfortable.

Study personnel are trained in procedures that maintain confidentiality. All study information, including personal health information, will be coded to identify participants only by a code number. This data is collected in a secure data capture program called REDCap. It is stored on encrypted servers that are password protected with restricted access.
For detailed technical information and eligibility criteria, see
Photograph of woman doing stretching exercises